Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Time for some new views, some new back grounds, some new frames.
That's often what we called is in our CPE and pastoral care conversations: Reframing.

It is amazing how the world view changes when new frames are applied.
But the question always is: when is the right time to reframe?

Often times I work with people who need to reframe because the old one is broken. There is no choice then, but to find a new way to look at the world.

But I think reframing can be a much better experience when we choose the time and the event. When we are able to carefully pick out the differences between the picture and the frame. And while the picture is still there, then we are able to make the frame a part of the artwork as well. For a good frame will draw the whole piece together.

So I'm working on reframing these days... in blogging templates as well.


Amy said...

yayayayayay Welcome back!

Pastor Peters said...

i like the new look.