Thursday, May 22, 2008

Holy Grounds: City Coffee Shops

Farmer's markets in the median.
Chamber music echoing from the stone and glass
Vienna beef hot dog stands
Sidewalk cafe's
Asian take out
Bus fumes

People of all styles,

Sometimes it is good to be back in the city

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Holy Grounds: a rainy spring day

Like the Psalmists, it is a healthy thing indeed to cry out--

A beautiful cup of coffee this morning, with no less than 12 species of birds at our feeders.

I'm not sure when I became a binocular holding, quick referencing the bird book, shushing people in the living room person, but I am entirely enamored with Evening Grosbeaks!

It's a bird that kind of reminds me of a superhero.
And if I ever get to choose a mascot, it will be the fighting grosbeaks!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I just wanted a beer...

Sometimes life in rural areas can get a bit trying.
In northern rural areas, where the mud season seems to continue for months- because of alternating snow and rain, the tensions only seem to escalate.

It has been a silent blog for a while, perhaps because I was trying to hold onto the initial goal of the blog, which is welcoming this experience of small town living as a gift, always holding unexpected blessings and holy grounds.

Lately, I've only wanted to complain. ("I hate that feeling," she complains...)

So perhaps sharing some honesty about these backwoods, that they are not always the dreamy, wilderness escape, with quaint people or soul opening encounters could be helpful.

When I lived in the city, and I have live in some large metropolitan areas, I often looked at the rural life as idyllic in its simplicity. Sometimes, yes, this is the case.

But like any place there are complex webs that thrive beneath the surface, and sometimes they are knotted and treacherous. Perhaps an old family feud, a bitterness about life or work so hard it literally kills people.

And sometimes the simplicity is just that: simple. So when all I want after a busy day is a cool draft, quality beer, and the search has me driving 100 miles round trip, I wonder: can this be holy ground?