Thursday, January 08, 2009

Holy Grounds: Baking Bread

What is it about a quiet, uneventful week that makes me uneasy?

When there are few meetings and only a couple of visits, I feel the pressure I put on myself growing to do more, to meet more, to visit more, to be more.

I've never been a very good manager of time. In fact I have three different books that hold my ministry together: a bible, a calendar, and a composition book with my weekly 'to-do' notes.

Through these three the job of pastor actually seems to happen. Without them, very little does.

It's frustrating to be so absent minded. My life is so full that I cannot keep thoughts in my head for simple tasks longer than a moment... which is why I type this, waiting for the bread to bake, that I forgot on the counter, that rose longer than it should, hoping, praying for a presentable loaf to gift tomorrow.

Is this extra time stolen? Perhaps, I am sleepy and ready to crawl into my warm bead.
Is it a gift? Perhaps, falling asleep to the scent of fresh bread promises delicious dreams, doesn't it...