Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Holy Grounds: winter flurries

It has been quite a while since I posted- thank you to those who still hold out hope that I may make an appearance in this blogging world!

It has been over a month and the initial joy at the election result has been overshadowed by much loss and grief in this little community.

We have lost pillars of this church in the past few months, and buried yet another a few weeks ago. and since that time, we have formally commended 4 more lives to God- some I knew personally, some strangers to me.

It's always a difficult place for me to be, eulogizing a person I have never met-
writing a sermon to comfort a family that has never stepped foot in the sanctuary-
collecting memories that I've gleaned from the photos on a memory board-

While the heart of the gospel never really changes, I suppose the same can be said for the heart of grief.

To that end, I pray that my words can offer some measure of hope and comfort to those who grieve.

But on the other end...
I just wish they would call some other pastor in town for the funeral...