Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Holy Grounds: Inward and Inside

It has been a while.
I find I don't write much during the precious warm months here- I'm not as contemplative, perhaps. I jump out of my head and put my energy into those fledgling tomatoes, the growing herbs, the laughter on the lake and the paths my hiking boots hit.

But we are closing in for winter now.
Beginning the hibernation, turning inward- inside my head more.

Part of the reason I am turning inward so much is that there is a new life growing inside me.
I cannot help but contemplate the great mystery within.
What an amazing advent this will be in the coming months.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holy Grounds: laughter in the halls

This week is VBS (Vacation Bible School) in our church.
It is a wonderful week of chaos, laughter, learning, singing, craziness and joy.

While I am not involved in the planning or execution of the program (we have an incredible group of volunteers from 3 area churches who spend months planning this), I have the privilege of leading a prayer from time to time, sitting with a young one who is nervous about her mother leaving for the morning, and checking in with parents as they drop off and pick up their children.

But my absolute favorite thing to do is play.

During VBS the highest goal of the week is to play.
And how often do I forget as I try to keep my weekly schedule in order, the importance of holy and beautiful play?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In the Good Ole Summertime

This can be a crazy life, this call.
I keep phones by the bed when I sleep.
My calendar is always with me.
The only time I am truly on vacation is when I am out of the country...

However, I can be home
put my feet up
sip iced tea
and work while the sweet summer breeze blows through the house...

that is all the compromise I need.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

wonders never cease

Who would have thought I would champion these rodents?

My new Heroes! Hero Rats

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Industry: Religion

Most of the time I love free books.

I mean, I love books, I love bookstores, I love discount books, I love borrowed books- so why wouldn't I love free books?

Well, when the free books have general titles like:
Guilty Yet?: Christian Martyrs who died for your wretched soul in full and detailed color
Consume More: Don't listen to accredited scientist, but ours that are funded by oil companies
The Antichrist is revealed: why you should be afraid of anyone who isn't white or your brand of Christian

and especially when they tell me that 300,000 copies are in circulation. Ummm... that's cause you and the oil companies are sending them out for free.

Well, I suppose the best irony is when I pull off the covers and recycle those crazy tomes -
'sides, I have precious little bookshelf space to waste!

Monday, April 20, 2009

You know you live in a small town when...

Community Education at the school holds concurrent classes of yoga and firearm safety.

Holy Grouds: the silence of winter

Winter is such a difficult time for me.

While I am not really silenced, it seems all my creative energies are focused on work, trying to say healthy, and focusing all my creative energies into living.

Spring is coming, and when the weather is better, it seems to lift so much of the weight of living off of my shoulders.

The silence of winter is a holy time and place, but I am ready for the noise of spring.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Holy Grounds: Baking Bread

What is it about a quiet, uneventful week that makes me uneasy?

When there are few meetings and only a couple of visits, I feel the pressure I put on myself growing to do more, to meet more, to visit more, to be more.

I've never been a very good manager of time. In fact I have three different books that hold my ministry together: a bible, a calendar, and a composition book with my weekly 'to-do' notes.

Through these three the job of pastor actually seems to happen. Without them, very little does.

It's frustrating to be so absent minded. My life is so full that I cannot keep thoughts in my head for simple tasks longer than a moment... which is why I type this, waiting for the bread to bake, that I forgot on the counter, that rose longer than it should, hoping, praying for a presentable loaf to gift tomorrow.

Is this extra time stolen? Perhaps, I am sleepy and ready to crawl into my warm bead.
Is it a gift? Perhaps, falling asleep to the scent of fresh bread promises delicious dreams, doesn't it...