Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In the Good Ole Summertime

This can be a crazy life, this call.
I keep phones by the bed when I sleep.
My calendar is always with me.
The only time I am truly on vacation is when I am out of the country...

However, I can be home
put my feet up
sip iced tea
and work while the sweet summer breeze blows through the house...

that is all the compromise I need.


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

yeah... i too have the phone by the bed. office at home. good things. bad things. all those inbetween things... glad you can find the lightness seeping in the gaps!

Pastor Eric said...

Nicely put.

This call can be a crazy life. I am just thankful I have such an understanding and loving wife.

God bless you in your ministry.